Description: 31.10–01.11.2017, 11–17 Uhr: Intro + Workshop
14.–15.11.2017, 11–17 Uhr: Electromechanical Workshop with Kati Hyyppä
28.–29.11.2017, 11–17 Uhr: Workshop 
12.–13.12.2017, 11–17 Uhr: Workshop
9.–10.01.2018, 11–17 Uhr: Workshop
31.1.–4.2.2018: Excursion to Berlin / CTM & Transmediale Festival 
3.–15.2.2018, 11–17 Uhr: Group show and Critiques
Location: Raum 307




From early electronic instruments that weighed 200 tons, to TVs, video-recorders and ‘mobile’ phones that needed to be pushed, dragged or wheeled around, the history of media is HEAVY! What happens when we confuse current models of portable media with the awkward physicality of technology from the past?


In this DIY Electronics/Sound seminar we investigate this idea with material and electronics scavenged from the trash. Participants will learn to read schematics, use test equipment and build sound/electromechanical circuity and systems.  This Seminar approaches the electronic medium through deconstruction; hacking; experimental circuitry; and reverse-engineering.

Through hands-on experimentation, it aims to demystify the hidden dimension of machines as a way to trace-out systems of economy, power and control embedded throughout and beyond consumer technology and consider its impact humans and nature.


No previous experience with electronics is required!  


Space is limited – send a registration email to the professor by 20.10.2017