In procedural audio, physical processings are modeled, beginning with the emulation of foot steps or rattles, reaching up to the simulation of the human vocal tract. Among its major advantages is the creation of sounds that can be dynamically adjusted in terms of speed and impact independently of recorded samples. As a potential substitute for expansive Foley recordings, procedural audio is particularly interesting for film, animation, and gaming. The approach has been comprehensively described by Andy Farnell in his book “Designing Sound”.  After an introduction to the subject, participants will apply sound design based on procedural audio to a video using Ableton Live (including MaxMSP and Max4Live) or, alternatively, Pure-Data.
Anmeldung bis 07.01.2020 unter lschwarz<at>
Description: 13.01. / 15.01.
Time: 14-17 Uhr
Start: 13.01.2020
End: 15.01.2020
Contact: lschwarz<at>
Location: Raum R311, ZKM IMA-Kubus
Course credit: Workshop credit Media Art