21. Mai 2013 (All day) - 25. Mai 2013 (All day)
261 © Kerry Morrison
Matt Wand
21. – 25.05., 10 – 17 Uhr
Raum 351 (großes Soundstudio)

„I have always been fascinated by machines that do not work properly; in general, by the external world of technology and automation which engenders, and puts people at the mercy of, bureaucracies. „ (György Ligeti, 1978)

This workshop will attempt to harness the hidden music within ordinary household domestic utensils and machinery both manual and mechanized. The primary focus will be on avoiding all but the most primitive amplification and microphone techniques and finding alternative ways to process and compose sound completely outside of the realms of DSP and musical instrumentation. Techniques that will be discussed and later utilized ‚ in performance ‚ include: Contact and air microphone types, placement and their effects, human performance techniques and interaction and ‚animation‘ of ‚the inanimate‘, reduced scale acoustic environments and arcane acoustic amplification techniques, rule based composition and instructional scores designed to subvert habitual human actions and traditional orchestral or group hierarchies.

The workshop will aim towards a performance on the final day of a composition designed by the whole group and in which each person will participate in some capacity.